Your Own Personal Inventory To

Mobilize, Catalog & Manage Your Belongings 



Log it. 

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Upload your items to a virtual closet with ease. Multiple options allow for an easier interface and user experience. Other apps can be clunky and require a lot of time, but we've come up with an easier and more seamless way to upload your items.                                                                            

Manage & Share it.

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Personal Catalog. Users can group belongings based on room, or other category type, creating their own personal catalog of all of their belongings. They will be able to share any or all collections with friends or Stylist that they've enlisted to help them pair and suggest new items to add to their collection of clothes, furniture, etc.

Sell it. Buy it. or Donate it.

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What to do when you're over it? Keep your wardrobe at home fresh while easily making room for new items. Sell or donate items you no longer want. We can all live a more sustainable life by giving unwanted items to those in need. We've made it easier!